A bit about me…

by Suhein Beck
​Jan 16, 2016


I never imagined my life in the highly competitive skincare industry or, in fact, anything related to chemistry and pH scales which I absolutely hated in high school.

The ELAJ® formula was passed down from my grandfather Dr. M.A. Bchihalouk, and protected through generations. The unanimous consensus from each and every person that tried it was that it must reach the market to those in need. As I was growing up, I actually hated the crème because my mother insisted that we use it for everything. Yes – ELAJ® was our answer for anything skin-related. Growing up as an awkward and very pale immigrant teen in sunny Southern California, all I wanted was to experiment with more sophisticated market-name brands in cosmetics and miraculously look tan, but I was unknowingly saving my skin by using ELAJ®ointment all those years!”

The official A-HA moment was the day I pulled out my little jar to help my hairdresser who had eczema. He called a week later begging me for some more for him and each one of his hairdressers and said, “Name your price…”

The rest is history! Not one day goes by that I do not appreciate the blessings of being able to help people by touching them with a formula that simply speaks for itself. I measures the success of ELAJ® by how many people take the time to let me know how ELAJ® ointment benefitted their life each and every day!

Our ELAJ® Journey manifested by having our Ultimate American Dream come true! From a humble tent in a street fair in Palm Desert, CA in October 2010 to our National TV Commercials airing in North America in August 2015 – we are so grateful for the loyalty and support of our customers.

This blog is to simply share the stories or what I have learned from the amazing people who have used Elaj and have been helped.

Our Vision for Skin Confessions

by Suhein Beck
​Jan 16, 2016

In our home here at SkinConfessions.com we offer a safe haven of unconditional love and support to those seeking information and those suffering from eczema and all its’ mad, crazy relatives!

Uncle Contact Dermatitis or Cousin Psoriasis or Auntie Rosacea or that Mysterious Brother from another mother with Red Skin, or that Topical Steroid Withdrawal Warrior coming back from his own silent war – you’ll all find VIP seats at our generously growing table.

We toast and raise our cups in honor of your courage. We pass plates filled with healthy servings of knowledge and helpful tips around and everyone can choose what they want to eat from that plate or not eat at all. We won’t force feed you anything. And we certainly won’t guilt you into eating more than your fill. We keep our manners and elbows off the table. We won’t slurp our soup while someone attempts to be human and vulnerable.

We listen. We learn. We don’t judge and we certainly don’t sell. Whoever tries to sell, including myself, will end up doing all the dishes that night then quite possibly not invited to the next dinner. Those with their own disruptive agendas can seek adoption elsewhere. This is a safe-haven that will be protected like a Mama Bear to her cubs and her cave.

Take a look around our walls. Inspiration everywhere! You’ll find pictures of mind-blowing healing stories and pictures of our growing family. Resources galore. It takes a village. It all starts here.