by Suhein Beck
​Jan 22, 2016

The Game-Changer Skin Confession

Out of all the confessions, there is one that stands out and will never be forgotten. This one set the standard for all confessions to fall under. It was the ultimate game-changer for me.

Sunday afternoon at the Palm Desert Streetfair and a man walks by my booth wearing shorts and a short sleeve shirt. His red, patches of inflamed skin covering 60% surface area of what was exposed.

I swung around my table and barely caught up to him among the crowds. I discreetly asked him to step into my booth, I had something for him. He followed me back in and when I showed him my cream, he flatly said, “I’m not interested.”

I insisted and as he turned away, I blurted, “Look – I’ll even give it to you for free!” His eyes shot back how insulted he was. I expected the worst from his voice as he retorted loudly, “It’s NOT THE MONEY!” And then two steps back closer to me and his voice melted into the words that haunt me until today, “I just don’t want to live with hope…because there is no hope – even my doctor said there is no cure.”

No other words. His eyes said everything. Then in a private exchange of desperation he offered his skin confession without a sound. He lifted his shirt and revealed his entire stomach and side covered in one huge patch of fire-red plaque psoriasis.

Two strangers sharing a most unusual intimate exchange of human vulnerability. Yet he wasn’t weak – he was defiant to not fall prey to another false hope, false cure with disappointing results. I was the weak one. I lost my command of language as I realized that Cancer and AIDS patients were allowed to have hope, encouraged to overcome the impossible odds and rise to hero survivor roles and wear pink ribbons glorifying their battles..

But Eczema and Psoriasis sufferers have been told flat out that there is no cure and they don’t know the cause of these mysterious auto-immune diseases and they are at the mercy of, at best, managing symptoms, but not the cause of the disease. That was the confession that changed everything for me.

A two hour commute home that day and I cried the majority way home. That’s when I realized, I can never give false hope to anyone regarding my product, Elaj. That set the tone of every conversation with every person that I’ve ever dealt with and I’m proud to say, I never tried to sell my product – but rather to listen to each customer and to reciprocate an open, honest exchange of information.

That was truly my first Skin Confession in 2009. It still remains the most powerful.