Question 1: Are fragrances harmful? Why did my doctor tell me to not use anything with fragrances?

Answer 1: Let’s go back in time, shall we? When a deer in a forest wants to leave a text message for another deer to follow her around, she would spray trees with her scent, a musky flavor that was irresistible to another deer. Cavewoman wanted to attract a certain caveman, she would surround herself with beautifully scented flowers to confuse caveman that those scents belong to her. Caveman would either be attracted or repulsed by her and/or her scent. All of us have a distinct signature smell. That’s why your dog sprays and sniffs every other dog along his walking trail. Even fruits and flowers emit a scent that is basically a composition of plant hormone or pheromones. So scent has been in all of us and used as a sneaky seduction tactic by many species of animal, plant and, of course, us cavefolk.

Question 2: What makes scent? And by the way, you did not answer my first question here.

Answer 2: Okay, okay, I’m getting there. Scent is actually made from hormones. Why? Because you are attracted to that powerful pheromone. So every perfume maker from here to the old perfume district in Paris is going to try and seduce you by emulating the natural scents like a deer desperately following a musky odor or a cavewoman communicating her readiness to mate. 

But nowadays, it’s not cost-effective to crush a ton of roses to make 2 ounces of rosewater or your favorite and expensive eau de toilet. So they make perfumes, colognes, air fresheners, and all the additives to cosmetics and laundry detergents artificially. That is torture on our endocrine system. It has become a buffet of chemicals instead of natural fragrances that delight our senses. Now the senses are overloaded with foreign chemical compositions that make our endocrine and immune system ‘feel’ like they are being attacked.

In the book “The Secret of Scent” by Luca Turin, the author details how the same exact perfume from the same manufacturer no longer smells the same as it did 50+ years ago. That is because almost all of the manufacturers have no choice but to scale production to meet economic profits. Sorry. Perfume was good while it lasted. 

The idea of ‘wearing flowers’ came in the Victorian era when men wore boutonnieres and women wore corsages to offset body odor! Smart idea! Not far from the cavemen ideals, we have evolved with solutions over the years. However, now we have to find an alternative solution to the chemical warfare that is artificial fragrances. 

Question 3: Why is that synthetically made hormone fragrance is actually dangerous?

Answer 3: So when caveman wants to smell you, but instead he only smells roses, he is not getting the full picture of your health, your DNA, your bacterial composition. Let’s just say – it’s a tricky way around seduction, and more like deception. His natural immune system is looking for a certain combination of DNA, bacteria and hormone balance to match his own and make a more diverse and stronger spectrum of immune systems for his future 27 children. That’s what we call attraction. It really is a chemical reaction beyond basic flirting and good dance moves.

But the problem is that when you apply artificially made fragrances, they are made with synthetic hormones, like estrogen-mimicking compounds. Once your body absorbs them, the body has to readjust its own estrogen and other hormones because it can’t have too much of a good thing, right? That’s exactly what you’ve learned from this book by the parallel example of topical steroids being a synthetic hormone.

So your own hormones are going to slow down in production. Your endocrine system goes into snooze control and keeps hitting that button to go back to sleep. Meanwhile, you are enjoying that plug-in air freshener with the latest pumpkin, bourbon, cinnamon apple pie that are just basically a group of fake hormone molecules. But your body has to work around this influx of hormones coming in your nostrils and through your skin!

Again, it’s sensory overload on the your poor endocrine system. It’s so sad. And your future 27 children? You know your body is going to be flooded with those fragrant hormones in that uterine swimming pool of yours, right? For the first time in history, the umbilical cords of newborns are being tested to find dangerous levels of BPA – Bisphenol A, another dangerous synthetic estrogen faker! 

Question 4: So no fragrance, right?

Answer 4: Yes. No fragrance. Thank you. This is really important.

Question 5: Are you serious?

Answer 5: Okay…obviously I’m not done here. Did you know that perfumers, cosmetic or personal care product manufacturers do not have to disclose what’s in a fragrance? Sad, but true. Why? Because the fragrance lobby is HUGE and POWERFUL. So they decided that their “fragrance molecules” are their proprietary intellectual property. That is called a Trade Secret. Therefore they were able to play around that requirement of labeling what’s in your products.

So when a sneaky manufacturer wants to put something in their formulas that they do NOT want to list or alarm you with, they can just include that in the “fragrance” and no one can ask what’s in that and you are subjected to some serious potential toxins.


Good luck with that. So keep those plugin air fresheners, scented candles, laundry detergent going and go on with your daily routine of using personal care products loaded with fragrance.

Send my love to your liver though…