Where Skin Confessions started?

by Suhein Beck
​Jan 25, 2016

PictureSuhein Beck with Customers at COD Street Fair over 6 years!

To be exact, Skin Confessions began the winter of 2009 in a classy little street fair in the Palm Springs Desert area of California.  Every weekend from Oct-May brought in a flood of outdoor shoppers from Canada and especially Retired Snowbirds from colder regions. A typical weekend tempted 10,000-15,000 sunshine-loving customers walking and flaunting around taking selfies in flip-flops in December while their friends at home suffered -15 degrees below zero Fahrenheit! 

In my little tent selling ELAJ Eczema Therapy, I would speed-talk to 100-200 people in 7-8 hours! Over 6 years worth of weekends, I was lucky enough to listen to thousands of people from all over the world desperate to share their story of skin frustrations.

Then people started emailing me asking if I knew of others going through their unique skin phenomenon of eczema turning into psoriasis or strange lip infections or allergic skin reactions to medications. I became a match-maker sending one desperate mother to another hoping that together they’d figure out answers to their own questions. They’d both email me back thanking me for connecting them together and updating me with their child’s progress. It was like they just needed a support network and I was the middle-man. 

Time and again, there were echoes of similarities to all their stories. There was always a frustration with why traditional medicine did not work for them individually. They legitimately were afraid of using steroids in increasing dosages, especially on their babies! They questioned why do flare ups keep coming back with a vengeance when they would stop topical steroids suddenly? They were losing trust in the medical system that did not have answers or remedies.

Complete strangers sharing their most intimate fears and frustrations with me became a normal part of my weekends along with wearing waterproof mascara for the heartbreaker stories!  I became their Go-TO person, yet I didn’t have the answers. I was just the messenger relaying stories of what I had heard in this impromptu Skin Confessions Network that started in my booth. Each week’s confessions inspired me to research more – so much so – that I still am fascinated, possibly obsessed with finding answers until today.

…And here we are – still sharing, caring and learning from each other. I’m still here listening. Just not in my booth anymore. This blog is my 24/7 Booth now. Welcome to Skin Confessions! 


Typical busy day of Suhein Beck discussing Skin Topics

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