Question 1: Why am I constantly getting sick now?

Answer 1: Because your immune system took a hit. Corticosteroids substituted your natural body’s immune system with a synthetic-grade and now your body feels weaker because it can’t produce its own cortisol.

Question 2: How do I regain my strength and rebuild my precious immune system?

Answer 2: That’s a loaded question. The book, SKIN CONFESSIONS dives deep into that journey of discovery and self-care.  That book is 10 years worth of jam-packed research  to help you take control of your immune system and never let anyone rock your boat again.

Until then, the TOP 5 Immune-Boosting Tips are:

1. Give up sugar and alcohol. (Non-negotiable)

2. Sleep!

3. Early morning walk, mild exercise, preferably in nature.

4. Re-strategize diet and quality of food.

5. Surround yourself with loving relationships.