The Skin Confessions Book Launch Mistake # 1

Suhein Beck

Author/Entrepreneur/Comeback Kid

I must have the track record in EPIC mistakes, because I spend more time cleaning them up than anyone I know.  The only saving grace to being a perpetual, “Lucy-what-have-you-done-now?” is that eventually that person becomes a better problem solver. I just spent the last 24 hours cleaning up a silly, stupid mistake that could have cost me my precious first book title. 

Yesterday morning was supposed to be one my happiest days. I woke up to check if my book has entered online retail distribution yet. Wait… What? Yes! I logged into Barnes & Noble online and I found it. I FOUND MY BOOK!

SKIN CONFESSIONS was officially on the Pre-Order status with a release date of Dec 15, 2017 in my favorite book store, my home away from home! Screenshot! My quick fingers pressed SHIFT, COMMAND, #4 and it’s my moment saved forever in DROPBOX and iCloud – I am so good! 

I called my husband Adam immediately and had him go to and type in the title, just for dramatic emphasis of this monumental moment. As he was typing (with his two slow fingers), I checked and realized the ISBN # and the $14.99 price was for the print edition. This ISBN # should have been for the eBook. As he began to choke up with pride and how our dreams were finally coming true and how grateful we should be… I was crying my own tears of frantic frustration realizing I definitely choked. 

​Why? Why do I always do stupid, crazy things like this? So I logged into my online distribution channel at but they don’t have a number to call, so I opened an email request for customer support. Urghhh! The sheer humiliation is bad enough, but to be racing the clock before other major online retailers like Kobo, and iBooks/APPLE grab up the book and showcase it to the world was just too unbearably stressful. Too late. It was already there. 

A few hours later the email came back from Smashwords stating once an ISBN # is assigned and used, it can not be reassigned and technically a print book is completely a different book and ISBN # than eBook. The only way is to UNPUBLISH that book and move it to archive and RE-PUBLISH another book with the correct ISBN #. But when I tried to do that, the system would NOT let me publish another book with the same title. Clearly no one on planet Earth has ever made this type of EPIC mistake in the history of mankind, so I get to enjoy this great honor in my exclusive graveyard of EPIC Suhein fails. 

Late last night, it occurred to me I had one possible option. To go back to the ISBN company and beg and plead for mercy that they change the format of the registered book from print to eBook as well as the price. Keep the same ISBN just change the medium. My last hope, my last chance for saving face and my precious book title was in this email at 11:20 pm to a big corporate entity. 

Another sleepless night logged in. 


I just woke up at 7:05am to the most delightful email from stating the format of SKIN CONFESSIONS was changed to ebook and the correct price of $9.99 was listed! Oh mighty glorious kind person at Bowker – may you never have a flat tire ever!

And that folks, is how I happy-dance in my little world of two steps forward three steps back. Stay tuned for the next episode of I LOVE LUCY…umm rather Suhein’s EPIC Comebacks! 

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