Question 1: Why do steroids disrupt my sleep?

Answer 1: Stress loves to sneak up and destroy your chances of sleep. You know what else loves to ruin a good night? Steroids. Yup. Good luck with that. Here’s the cruel joke though. Steroids have been known to increase fatigue. So they make you more tired, but but then they also read havoc on your natural circadian rhythm.

Oh and that vicious cycle of not sleeping causes more stress, thereby increasing skin flare-ups. Sometimes when flare-ups get out of control, a hospital visit may inspire a higher dosage and possibly the big boy – Prednisone. That one is especially guilty of causing sleep disruption. Some doctors suggest taking it at night because it takes so long to kick in and that helps offset some of its so-called disruption effects. But if you are prescribed a double whammy of two per day, just know that you need to protect your sleep like a bear preparing for hibernation.

Question 2: How do I avoid my sleep from getting messed up?

Answer 2: Focus on your natural circadian rhythm hormone. Try to maintain regularity in sleep preparation time and slow down your evenings at the same time. Relaxation methods do help. You can try taking melatonin.

Read the new book by Arianna Huffington, The Sleep Revolution, to inspire quality pre-sleep habits. The book offers a fresh perspective on the many ways to eliminate sleep disrupters from our lives. It awakens the need to consciously avert the insanity of sleep deprivation.

Sleep is your top priority! It really is one of the Top 5 things you can do to reset your immune system. The second priority is to discover what that original cause was that threw you into a downward spiral to need steroids in the first place. What caused the eczema, psoriasis or any of those original text messages onto your skin?

Question 3: Where can I find the answers to that original message from my skin?

Answer 3: Read SKIN Confessions and listen to the almighty Derma. She really knows her stuff. She will point you in the right direction to further explore.