Skin Confessions Book coming soon…

Skin Confessions is a book like no other. It is written in the ‘voice’ of our largest organ who is frustrated at the world with plenty to say. This voice comes from Derma and she can be lighthearted to serious, while covering a myriad of topics from baby skincare to antibacterial soaps to gut bacteria. She explains serious medical issues such as the global epidemic rise of skin diseases like eczema and psoriasis. She goes deeper into a most unique explanation of our auto-immune system and simplifies how to re-set it naturally to avoid further burdening “The Skin Burden Threshold.” 

The book offers an in-depth look at skin from the inside out. Though the book is written with the millennial female in mind, it reaches to a much wider audience. A grandmother will be just as interested to know what the effects of once trusted brands have had over the last two generations, while the up and coming teenager will find answers on why her acne comes with a vengeance at certain times of the month. A major focus of the book is problematic skin conditions and how to minimize the load of toxicity entering through the skin. 

The book is based on ten years of research by the author, Suhein Beck, as she listened and witnessed the most extreme skin conditions go through incredible skin healing journeys. 

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