Reading “The War of Art”

Author: Suhein Beck
June 11, 2017

Here’s a confession. About two months ago I was doing some mental house cleaning. I came across this dusty blog here at “Skin Confessions” that I started just over a year ago. I was so embarrassed that I was going to just delete it. I was not happy about the quality of my writing nor the consistency. Even the subject matter was not as comprehensive as I intended. I know I can do so much better – so of course, my self critic stepped in uninvited and gave me a whoopin!

My fingers went straight to the SETTINGS options. Just as I was about to erase this from my landscape of TO-DOs and trim down my priorities of just managing my company, ELAJ, I saw that our weekly visit rate was an astounding average of 975 views per week! How? In one year where I’ve barely been active. I admit I was negligent so how did this site miraculously attract over 20,000 visits in one year? I couldn’t believe it so I screenshot it over to my daughters as proof and called them in disbelief. But still, I did nothing. It further paralyzed me even more.

I was actually angry at all at all the visitors that came because they came when my house was not tidy yet…dinner was not ready yet. I needed to take a shower. But actually, I was just angry at myself that I had not given it my all and, more importantly, my true authentic style of writing was not here.

About 4 hours ago at 11:30pm on June 10, 2017, I opened a package from AMAZON. I didn’t remember ordering anything so just as I finished watching the 8th episode of Season 5 House of Cards, I sliced the box open to find this book sent from a dear friend, Lara who had just visited my actual untidy house this last week!

We had a soul-to-soul talk at The Cliff Restaurant in Laguna Beach over some fish tacos where I revealed how much I miss writing. Real writing. Not the stuff that is “marketable” to the general consumers with fluff content. I’m talking the real human stuff. The stuff that grabs you and shakes you to your core. The stories that would make you angry at how doctors and pharmaceutical companies get away with pimping false hope out to psychologically distraught patients with severe eczema and psoriasis. The gut-wrenching stories of a Facebook support group being on suicide watch for some young beautiful girls that can’t live with skin disorders anymore. Desperate mothers sacrificing everything for another magical cream…The story of a young woman filming a documentary to educate the world about the dangerous world of topical steroid addiction and withdrawal. Endless stories.

It’s now 2:15 am and every word of this book, “The War of Art” by Steven Pressfield, just shook me to my core. I’ve tucked away a thousand stories and subjects and article ideas for months, no actually years…But now I am ready to dive back in and enter my cave once more. Naked. What more of a Skin Confession is there when the author feels as if she is naked and exposed? No hidden agendas, no push up bras or Spanx to tuck everything in and smooth bumps away.

Lara – the beast is awoke.
Audience – prepare for takeoff.


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