Author: Suhein Beck
​Jan 19, 2016

Sugar Triggers Eczema?

One Saturday afternoon a mother and 16 year old girl walked into my booth at the Palm Desert Streetfair and asked the typical questions about Eczema and how/ if my ELAJ creme would work. She showed me her inner arms and how red, inflamed they were.

Instead of answering her question and making a quick sale, I pointed at her Venti Triple Caramel Whipped Delight. She thought I wanted to trade my creme for her drink! Then I stepped out of my “Salesperson Shoes” and back into my notorious Mama Bear persona so I could speak up and give her my TOP 10 TIPS for Eczema.

The #1 NON – Negotiable Tip was to give up that all-time favorite drug – SUGAR! I gave her the low-down on sugar, it’s effects on burdening the liver and immune system and how that could be effecting her Eczema Triggers! Remember this was a 16 year old on an easy, breezy Saturday afternoon with PRIME-time shopping waiting all around us, yet she stayed and seemed to actually be listening to me rant and rave. They politely thanked me and went on their way.

Just before closing that day, Caramel Girl rushed back into my booth, but now with a large cup of ice water with lemon slices and wanted to show me that she did listen and that she made the decision to start an elimination diet beginning with SUGAR immediately! She asked me to email her the other 9 Tips!

One year later Lemon Water Girl came back to my booth beaming with joy and gratitude! She said changing her diet and eliminating sugar was the hardest thing to do, especially at school, but she would never go back to that life of living with fear that Eczema would take over her life. She did follow 7 of the other tips and was still working on the last 3, but she felt just the SUGAR alone was a huge breakthrough for her and saw the difference within 3 months.

She told me that severe Eczema AND Diabetes runs in her family and when I had mentioned SUGAR, she pictured those in her family and their eating habits and knew there was a connection. So it was a no-brainer for her to finally see the light only AFTER a complete stranger connected the dots for her!

Me? Happy Dancing all the way home that day!