Release Date:         July 18, 2019 

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Topical Steroid Side Effects dives deep into the long list of how corticosteroids affect the body both short and long-term. The easy Q & A format explains the most common questions of what are steroids, the important role they play in medicine and how they affect the skin and their profound far-reaching effects into the body. For over 65 years, doctors and the medical industry have enjoyed their incredible benefits, yet neglected to disclose to patients the truth and consequences of these powerful drugs that have been touted as completely innocent and harmless.

Beyond eczema and psoriasis is hidden another condition that is “iatrogenic” which means “caused by the medical treatment.” A new phenomenon that has been buried away has recently been discovered and yet, denied by so many doctors, even after thousands of adverse effects to the drugs have been reported back to the FDA.  These conditions all share one common denominator. The patient used topical steroids as prescribed by their doctors and developed an indescribable dependency on the drugs.

The various names for the condition(s) are Topical Steroid Addiction, Topical Steroid Withdrawal, Red Skin Syndrome, Red Burning Skin Syndrome, and Steroid Induced Rosacea. In all cases, the body develops a dependency on the infinite and continued usage of the steroids. Any cessation will trigger the body into an excruciatingly painful flare-up that is far beyond any original eczema or psoriasis condition that can be debilitating for years!  Yet the same doctors that deny the existence of this emerging condition will continue to prescribe even higher potency and dosage of corticosteroids, both topical and oral.

The lack of diagnostic care actually contributes to more serious conditions such as Cushing syndrome, Adrenal insufficiency as well as endocrine and immune-system suppression. The dangers are real. The epidemic is growing as the global statistics of inflammatory auto-immune diseases continue to rise exponentially. These anti-inflammatory drugs were never meant to treat long-term chronic conditions and the medical world knew that from the start. Now the consequences can no longer be hidden away. This book finally opens that pandora’s box.


Release Date:                     October 2019

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Hi. I’m your skin. My name is Derma. I’ve been dying to talk to you like this – just us, one on one.  Literally dying.

I’ve had your back and I’ve been protecting you from before you were born. It’s not like I’m trying to sell you something or get you on some new kick. I’ve seen you butt naked and I’ve seen you try and fake everyone out, it’s like you’re ashamed of me.

When you’re angry, you take it out on me. You scratch the heck out of me and pick at me constantly or you cover me up with some cheap, worthless products that just make me angrier. Look…you’re not going to win against me. I know you better than you know yourself, so can I just put this out there once and for all?

I’m not your enemy. But I know who is.


Skin Confessions is a book like no other.

It is written in the voice of our largest organ who seems to be frustrated at the world with plenty to say. From being light-hearted to serious, she covers a myriad of topics from baby skincare to antibacterial soaps to gut bacteria. She explains serious medical issues such as the global epidemic rise of skin diseases such as Eczema and Psoriasis. She goes deeper into a most unique explanation of our auto-immune system and how to re-set it naturally and to avoid further burdening “The Skin Threshold.”

Derma will guide the reader on an historical discovery of ancient wisdom from Chinese, Arabic, Germanic, Biblical, and Islamic medical traditions. She then lays out a step-by-step health journey that can help reset metabolism and re-calibrate the immune system from the inside out with the latest in immune boosting, rather than suppressing methodologies.

Derma’s voice will echo long after putting the book down. She will nag the reader with easy and clear directions on how to protect her microbiome, instead of hopelessly sanitizing it and destroying its natural bacterial protective layers.

Derma deserves the chance to set the record straight. She has been saving humanity and knows what we can do to help keep her fighting on our behalf.

Author’s message:

A labor of love was produced with these two books.

Skin Confessions was started and stopped a gazillion times because of the emotional toll this type of research requires. Real people, real stories that haunted me until I finally wrote them down and then I was suddenly free and could sleep again. Written in the voice of Derma, your skin! Watch out for her – she’s angry, resentful and has a lot to resolve with you.  I tried to control her potty-mouth, but she calls the shots and I learned to respect her. Hope you do too!

Topical Steroid Side Effects was supposed to be just a few chapters in Skin Confessions, but it grew into its own book and I couldn’t squeeze it back into Skin Confessions. It sets the stage to understand the big picture of what’s going on in the skin and dermatology world today with eczema, psoriasis, and the crazy medical expose of hiding another iatrogenic phenomenon caused by topical steroid abuse. Red Skin Syndrome, Topical Steroid Addiction and Withdrawal will soon become household words if the epidemic levels of allergy, asthma and auto-immune conditions continue to be treated with immunosuppressants!

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About the Author:

Suhein Beck is passionate about writing, public speaking and inspiring a healthy, motivated life.

Even though her 3 kids are grown and living their own La Vida Loca, she still drives a Honda MiniVan with over 200K miles and wears mom jeans with no shame.

When she is not running ELAJ, LLC., a natural skincare company, she is writing about the crazy, but true adventures of being a Syrian refugee turned serial entrepreneur in the Land of Opportunity. She can entertain any audience with wild stories about instigating FBI undercover sting operations to hosting her own international talk show in the Mideast.

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