Question 1: Why is my hair thinning and I am losing so much of my hair, but yet my facial hair is out of control?

Answer 1: Cortisone affects collagen production in a round-about-kind of way.  For women, it hijacks the effects of the masculine hormone DHEA and lowers overall estrogen effects.

Question 2: What can I do to offset hair loss?

Answer 2: You can consider taking collagen supplements along with Vitamins A, K and E to help revitalize the hair you’ve got and keep it stronger.  Reduce hair processing treatments that burden the hair with chemicals and bleaches.

Be gentle with your hair and reduce shampooing to 2-3 x per week. Allow for natural hair drying and curling instead of with heated instruments.

Question 3: I’m going through severe Topical Steroid Withdrawal and I’m now balding…

Answer 3: Unfortunately, many have reached a point where the only option was to shave and allow new growth to come in.  Once your endocrine system rebalances itself, the hair will eventually come back. Just know many before you have gone through this and are willing to talk and help you through. Check the resources at the end of this book to meet up and get to know fellow TSWs (Topical Steroid Warriors.)