“It is a sad and some would say baffling day. Virgin America was the ride and love of a lifetime, but Virgin flies on…”

Sir Richard Branson
Founder, Visionary : Virgin Enterprises

Today I flew with my old friend, Virgin-A aka (Virgin America Airlines) as she officially announced that she had been forced into an arranged marriage and will subsequently be changing her name in 2019. Although I knew of this passive-aggressive relationship to some fellow with Alaskan-American ancestry, I just had to finally sit back and fasten my seatbelt and allow it to take flight in my mind.

Although Virgin-A comes from a well-known family originally from the United Kingdom, she was born here in California with a bit of independent sassiness. On the other side of the pond, her older sisters, Virgin Atlantic and Virgin Australia have not settled down, despite their many suitors. Hopefully, they continue to spread their wings independently as we cheer them into the majestic horizons around the world. It was saddest for Virgin-A’s father who was the most heart-broken that he had to give her away like this. No father-daughter dance at this wedding. We leave the party in the sky without our cake.

In the spirit of the current state of American nationalism, it is a strange and symbolic twist of fate, that Virgin-A’s DNA was questioned and brought into challenge. In the end, Virgin-A surrendered to not having enough Americana citizenry to keep her “fiesta-in-flight” and therefore will have her wings and identity clipped by the dominant forces in power.

…And for the rest of us. . .
We ache.
We mourn.
We look in the mirror and question our own identity.
As a young brand, have we that sassafras to earn such loyalty from our fellow “customer friends?” Will anyone mourn us when we pass? Have we been true to ourselves? Have we happy-danced whenever possible? Did we rewrite our inspired destinies out of the box of corporate templates to bypass the mainstream and swim upstream enough?

Although our own ELAJ brand went through our own very short “engagement” with a licensing deal last year, we felt our own identity and independence jeopardized feeling similar pangs of regret. Within the first weeks of signing with our L.A. Licensing Partners, they demanded we turn over our ELAJ name, effectively relinquishing rights to our Intellectual Property Trademarks! We jumped at the opportunity to annul the short-lived marriage of just a few months. That was just enough to give us the taste of how anxious customer-friends can get over their beloved brand. That also was a crash course for us to quickly learn how protecting a brand with every tooth and nail and ounce of energy is integral in avoiding the inevitable wing-clipping.

We survived.
We’ve been tested.
We earned our wings again.
Engines revving on the tarmac with full crew on board.
Join us again as our in-flight entertainment includes generous servings of our nerdy flair for health updates and skin confessions once more.