Common Psychological Nervous Tics of Eczema

Can you be addicted to scratching, picking and re-scabbing wounds?

Author: Suhein Beck
Jan 25, 2016


Spinner Rings are thought to be part of Tibetan meditational tradition to reduce anxiety.

A woman came into my ELAJ Booth with her mother.  The mother was the one asking if ELAJ would help her daughter’s extremely dry, eczema on her hands. The 20-something year old daughter was quite shy and nervous while picking at the scabs on her hands and re-opening unhealed wounds right in front of my eyes. 

Beyond the eczema, I opened the discussion to discover more about the younger woman.  She definitely had high-anxiety, had recently become unemployed as a result of her constant habit, also known as a nervous tic, of picking and bleeding her wounds.  The question would be – which came first – the eczema or the nervous disorder? But I knew that answer was a lost cause. 

But I did know one thing. I knew in this case, ELAJ would help. It would take a few weeks, but eventually the deep moisturisation would not provide anything for the woman to pick at.  It was obvious they were concerned with the price and affording ELAJ so the mother offered to pay while the daughter became more anxious, so I just couldn’t let that happen – so I gave her the jar for free on 3 conditions. 

1. Apply ELAJ 3 x per day during the first 2 weeks. 

2. Buy a Spinner Ring.  A Spinner ring is a 2-part ring with one outer ring that spins on a second larger base that stays in one place on the finger. The spinner ring is believed to come from ancient Tibetan meditation traditions and is similar to “worry beads” in that they are supposed to give people with anxiety something to do, rather than pick and itch at their dry, eczema skin!

3. Take a ZUMBA Class.   I had just recently discovered ZUMBA and found it to be an amazing outlet of stress and it gave me such a “high” that I figured this just might be a random curveball that may offer this young woman a place to extinguish some level of anxious energy in a healthier way. 

As silly and random as those ideas sounded to all of us at the time, the universe answered in even more random surprise results! A few months later the mother stopped in and purchased a jar of ELAJ. She reminded me who her daughter was and that she bought, not only one spinner ring, but two!  That never even occurred to me! She definitely one-upped me on that and apparently she had healed her hands with ELAJ and slowly transferred her anxiety to the spinner rings on each hand – when one got tired – she’d use the other!

The clincher here was the ZUMBA class….Did she or didn’t she?  Yes! She did and LOVED IT!  Now that’s a sight I would have paid to see. Her mother expressed her gratitude and I responded, “I’m a mom too and we all know it takes a village…”


Worry Beads are said to have originated from Greek & Cypriot Culture accompanying prayer rituals.

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