1. Question 1: I’ve never heard of Adrenal Fatigue Syndrome – but I must have it because I’m always tired.  How will I know if I have it?
  2. Answer 1: If you’ve taken steroids for an extended period of time, which the manufacturers claim to be 2 weeks at a time, then you probably have adrenals that are a bit confused. They are asking you if you still want them to do their thing and produce their own cortisol. When you keep applying topical steroids, you are SHOUTING AT THEM IN ALL CAPS, and they are easily offended and take it personally. They shrivel away and actually do get a bit smaller! How crazy is that?
  1. Question 2: How can I jumpstart my adrenals naturally and on my own?
  2. Answer 2:  If only it were that easy to get jumper cables and zap those adrenal glands back to life!  It will take time. It requires a strategic plan of educating yourself first. This is where you’ve got to take control of your health.
  3. If only there was a way to hold you hostage and make you read the book, SKIN CONFESSIONS. Before you go to an endocrinologist that may prescribe an indefinite thyroid medication and says, “you’ll have to take this the rest of your life…”  Will you know why?  Will you even consider asking why? What about alternatives? Will you consider other options?
  1. Question 3: What are some of the symptoms?
  2. Answer 3: Symptoms could include, but are not limited to, the constant feeling of low energy to full-blown exhaustion, insomnia and erratic sleeping patterns, joint and muscle pain, low blood pressure and temperature, insatiable salt cravings, hypoglycemia and a higher level of pre-menstrual syndrome symptoms. Sometimes food sensitivities and allergies develop as a result of a low immune system threshold and higher level of triggers that stress the body even further.

Question 4: Where do I begin to find out if I’m at risk adrenal fatigue or adrenal insufficiency?

Answer 4: A great endocrinologist is a must and the starting point for testing. Please remember endocrinology is one of the most complicated specialties of medicine and your search to find a talented endocrinologist should be a top priority. Look for one that specifically subscribes to the theory that AFS/AFI actually exists.

From there, begin the more comprehensive tests that reflect more of what’s going on beyond the initial blood test. It requires a saliva test in the morning for an extended period of time to help create a pattern of data to identify peaks and valleys of cortisol production and/or lack thereof. There is also a hormone balance issue that needs to be interplayed with that data. Temperature readings also help play a role in understanding hormone fluctuations with a woman’s menstrual and ovulation cycle.

The next step is to arm yourself with the test results and work out a strategic plan to not cause further fatigue or insufficiency. Find the root cause of the adrenals going into snooze control. Was it stress from school, job or relationships? Was it a traumatic incident? Could it have been a negative reaction to a medication like steroids? These are all part of the investigative journey that a diary would help you with to backtrack and plan forward.

Another great resource for Adrenal fatigue is www.DrLam.com. He has an extensive library of publications, books, and videos. On this website, you can deep dive and start your education and weigh your options and go in prepared!

  1. Question 4: What are adaptogenic treatments?
  2. Question 4: In the natural herb world there are certain types of compounds  like adapt-o-genic herbs can adjust and “adapt” to the amount of the herb it releases to accommodate your needs. Ashwagandha, mushrooms, and Ginseng are among those miracle adaptogenic species of plants/herbs and medicines that do wonders to help rebalance hormones.
  3. It may seem intimidating to venture into this vast unknown world, but the first step is knowing the basics about your body and your immune system. The rest is easy if you know where to look. Please be advised that even these need to be well-researched beforehand to fully understand their potential. The point is that there are vast options to explore. Do not limit yourself to the first opinion. Second and third opinions are absolutely a must when it comes to endocrine recovery.